Goodbye 2013

After spending countless hours perusing blogs about New Years resolutions, and race recaps, I find myself thinking about where I fit in the midst of it all. New Years resolutions fade with time, things get hectic, life happens. But, it’s the hope that lingers and leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment amidst the trials that come with life.

Even if we don’t make all of our goals for 2014, the main thing is that they should be driven by hope. Every day we should wake up and want to make ourselves better, and maybe even do something selfless for someone else. Maybe it’s buying someone a coffee, or offering to help a friend get started running. Whatever it is, it should be filled with hope. A resolution driven by hope.

Proverbs 13:12 says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is the tree of life.” We can apply this to our running, or tri-ing, because when we hope in something greater, when we put our best foot forward, that sense of accomplishment can’t be beat. Now, ultimately, as a Christian athlete my hope is in the Lord. And, I can hope and trust in Him that He will use me to accomplish great things, and push through the pain because after all, He suffered and paid the ultimate price for all of us. Nothing that I complain about can even compare to His suffering on the cross. So, let us hope. Let us hope that in everything we do, we do it with excellence and a strong heart.

Happy 2014!


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