Ironman 70.3 St. George

So, this post is about a month and a half late. I’ve been having a hard time writing this, but better late than never. St. George is one of the most beautiful places to race an Ironman, or any triathlon for that matter. However, to sum up this Pro Championship race: Beautiful but brutal.

This was my first triathlon that ever ended in a DNF. St. George was “unseasonably hot” this year….the only weekend, by the way, that is was to be in the 90’s instead of the regular 70 degree temps that the area normally sees this time of year. That heat made for more suffering on the race course on top of those hills.

Oh. The hills. I think there may have even been hills in the water. Over 4400 feet of climbing. And, the biggest hill comes at miles 40-45. The five mile ride uphill through Snow Canyon State Park was very beautiful, but oh so brutal. I made it up to mile 45 but just couldn’t continue. I was so mad at myself…landing in an ambulance for about an hour and a half. So, I can’t speak to the run course (which I heard was a four mile incline right out of T2) but I’m sure it was just as tough as the bike.

I’m not going to let this DNF get me down. I’ll be back at St. George another year to finish that course. Don’t let the hills scare you…just train hard, then trust your training. Go out there and compete with the best! St. George is definitely the place to be.