It’s been a while…

Sorry it’s been such a long time since I’ve posted. Many major life changes have been happening for the course of the past four months. My oh my, it’s been crazy but good.

Due to those life changes, I’ve taken a major hit on my training for Ironman 70.3. Austin is only a few short weeks away now and I’m totally freaking out. I finally found a pool to train in for the next three weeks and hopefully my swim endurance hasn’t suffered too much. But, the bike…well that’s a different story. I’m just praying I get through this one. Austin is purportedly easier than some races; the website says the elevation gain on the bike only totals something just over 800 ft. Not too shabby, I guess. Anything is better than the 4,000+ at St. George.

So, I may ask if you all pray for me. I just want to finish Austin. I don’t have a strict time goal, just anything under 7 hours (which I think is completely attainable) barring any major panic attacks this time.

See you all soon!


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